Mythopoetic Music

Mythopoetic Music: Music + Imagination...


What is Mythopoetic Music? Songs and compositions that evoke ideas, events, images, people, creatures or eras, and that do so with poetic, thoughtful lyrics and imaginative, delving musical elements. "Mythopoetic" is defined as myth-making. So this genre of music is one characterized by the mythic, visionary and reflective nature of its subject matter and the high quality of lyric expression.

A New Way of Hearing: Music that could be categorized as Mythopoetic has been composed for millenia, but giving music with these characteristics a new genre is very new. In fact, the term was first used to describe a genre of music in 2008 by Kristen Prinzing, who, with her husband and musical partner Scott, had been searching for years for a term that would suit the music that they make, and encompass that of the music that most inspires them.

A Blending of Auld and New

Much of the sound of mythopoetic music is characterized by the blending of traditional, centuries-old European music with contemporary instrumentation and song structure. The genre also features frequent influences originating with the musical traditions of cultures around the world. In particular, the near and middle east, India, Asia and north Africa.

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